benefits of epoxy flooring

5 Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

5 Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring in Phoenix has long been a staple in showrooms and businesses, but its popularity is growing in residential areas. This incredible surface provides several benefits and is leading many homeowners to tear up their carpet, laminate or hardwood surface. Are you thinking about making the switch to epoxy floors? Then continue reading below for the 5 benefits of epoxy flooring.

  1. Durability

benefits of epoxy flooringThe finish of an epoxy floor is made with a resin that makes it incredibly resistant to chemicals, water and everyday wear-and-tear. Epoxy floors are also much tougher than other traditional types of residential flooring. Because it is often applied on concrete floors, epoxy won’t chip or crack if something is accidentally dropped on its surface. Epoxy coatings on concrete are a very wise choice for durability and value.

  1. Easy to Clean

benefits of epoxy flooringEpoxy flooring is amazingly easy to clean. Due to it’s smooth, glossy finish, nearly any substance or liquid spilled on the floor can be wiped up in an instant. No longer will you have to worry about stubborn or unsightly stains. And what’s more, epoxy flooring is resistant to dust and dirt, making it the easiest surface to care for in your home.

  1. Epoxy Flooring is Non-Toxic

benefits of epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is completely non-toxic. Made with a long-lasting resin coating, epoxy floors won’t corrode or wear down even after years of being in your home. You can also throw away all your harsh chemicals and solutions, as they are not needed to care for and clean the floors.

  1. Versatility

An epoxy floor can completely redefine any living area in your home. Available in a variety of colors, patterns and styles, epoxy flooring can breathe new life to your living room, garage, kitchen or bathroom. There’s no doubt your new epoxy floors will be the talk of any dinner or family gathering.

  1. Saves Time and Money

benefits of epoxy flooringSpending money on epoxy floors now can save you big later. Because of its virtual hassle-free nature, you’ll save hundreds on cleaning products and supplies you would otherwise have to buy for other types of flooring. In addition, the time you would normally waste mopping or vacuuming can now be spent on far more enjoyable activities.

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