Epoxy Flooring Chandler

We provide you with top-of-the-line epoxy cement floor coating for your home or corporation in Chandler AZ. We are able to make your garage floor sparkle via an epoxy technique intended to last a lifespan. Our flooring is dirt and water immune, effortless to clean and did we mention they look great!

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Why Choose us?

  • Installed by a professional – Premium quality cement epoxy garage floor coatings
  • An enormous selection of colors & finishes to choose from
  • Highlights and options to customize your flooring
  • Excellent extended warranty

We’ll be able to epoxy any concrete floor surface you want. Whether it be your house or company, garage floor, paved walkway, drive way, living room, school, warehouse or any other commercial space. We stock a complete range of styles, flakes, and dimensions to pick from. We can design your cement flooring surfaces shine while being bullet-proof from splatters and stains. Our floors are Uv ray tolerant, meaning they will not yellow or dull in the sun’s rays. We offer Metal and natural Mica concrete floor coating options that supply a truly exceptional finish which will make your neighbors jealous!

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Chandler Overhead Storage Solutions

Complete your garage with our high-quality overhead storage systems!

Overhead 4′ x 8′ Storage Racks

  • $480 Installed!
  • High-Quality Industrial Steel
  • Maximum Capacity is 1000 Pounds

Tote Slide Storage System

  • $349 Installed!
  • Store up to 12 Totes Overhead
  • Use that Space Above Your Garage Door
  • Compatible with Most Tote Sizes
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