Concrete Flooring Coats

Your Concrete Flooring Options

Your residential concrete flooring is boring or even unattractive now, but it will be the pride of your home when we are done with it! KJC Epoxy Specialists can coat all of your concrete floors, from the garage to the living room with an immaculate finish of your choice!

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

The garage floor is the real MVP when it comes to taking the most use without needing to be repaired or replaced. High traffic wood flooring or carpeting inside the home will need to be replaced at some point, but many people can keep their concrete garage flooring for an extremely long time. The garage is where we work with heavy objects that may crash onto the ground or scrape when being moved. It is also where we tend to work with very harsh, corrosive, or discoloring chemicals when doing DIY projects. Consequently, these floors are the ugliest floors on any residential property. Then on top of all that, you have cars and trucks with leaking motor oil being kept on top of that surface. That does not have to be the case!

Epoxy coating is a protective layer that when coupled with flecks and chips, hides dust and debris. It prevents stains from setting in as well. This means your garage floor looks nice no matter how hard you use it!

Professional Concrete Staining

Some people just want a simple color change for their concrete garage floor, and we have the solution for that as well. You can choose any color you wish for us to stain your concrete floor with and we will also apply a clear coat on top to seal it in and protect it.

Concrete staining is also an increasingly popular choice for the floors of the home’s interior. It can even be an energy and money saver in the Arizona summer since concrete floors remain cool and do not trap heat like other flooring choices.

Metallic Epoxy Coat

For one of the most dramatic concrete floor finishes available, choose metallic epoxy. This coat will not make the entire floor look like sheetmetal, instead, it uses tiny flecks of metal interspersed throughout the epoxy to create a metallic sheen that plays with light and reflections quite nicely. The epoxy and the flecks can come in a whole assortment of colors.

Concrete Sealing

For the more budget-minded consumer; this type of concrete finish is very straightforward concrete floor protection without any visual flourish. No stain, no fleck, just a strong sealing coat to protect the floor scuffs and stains. There is a sheen, so it does provide some aesthetic improvment.

Decorated Concrete Overlay

This type of flooring provides cosmetic options while still performing the same protective role of other concrete floor coatings.

KJC Epoxy Specialists can add that finishing touch to any concrete floor. If your are not sure what you want and wish to talk to experienced and knowledgeable epoxy flooring experts about your options and the cost estimates, go ahead and call our number today. Our concrete floor coatings can promote energy efficiency, surface protection, and improve the aesthetic of the space. Let us take your floor to the next level!

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