Overhead Storage

Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

Complete your garage by adding overhead storage racks. That is right! Once you have had your garage floor protected by epoxy coating, take the garage up a notch by increasing the storage capacity and giving you the space on the ground back. Once you place all your stuff overhead, your garage will finally have that clean and orderly appearance you have been striving for. Overhead garage storage fits in your budget, grants you more space, and makes sure you stop losing the things you value.

Overhead Storage Features

  • Professional Installation: We have years of experience installing thousands of overhead storage systems across The Valley!
  • Above the Garage Door: Don’t worry about the clearance of your garage door. These overhead garage storage devices can be mounted above where the garage door goes when open.
  • Floor Space: FINALLY you can park the car in the garage again!
  • Out of the Way: You no longer have to worry if your small children or pets have gotten into something you don’t want them to have access to. Your overhead storage rack will be far too high up for them to reach.

Go ahead and call today for your very own overhead garage storage system. You will be amazed at just how much space you reclaim when you get the clutter off the floor! Professional installation of your overhead garage storage system is a simple and affordable process that will be done in one day. Order it with your epoxy floor coat service!

Overhead 4′ x 8′ Storage Racks

  • $480 Installed!
  • High-Quality Industrial Steel
  • Maximum Capacity is 1000 Pounds

Tote Slide Storage System

  • $349 Installed!
  • Store up to 12 Totes Overhead
  • Use that Space Above Your Garage Door
  • Compatible with Most Tote Sizes

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